Shen Val Westphalians


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Grasco (Grannus x Argentinus x Damokles)



Grannus Graphit


St.Pr.St. Frutana

St.Pr.St. Odessa


St.Pr.St. Gitta

Walinde Argentinus


St.Pr.St. Dorle





GRASCO has been licensed in Oldenburg and is registered at the Westphalian Horse Breedr's Association, at the Rhenic Horse Studbook Association and at the Oldenburg Horse Breeder's Association. He completed his stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf in 1993 where he clearly showed his predisposition for jumping. 
Later he had numerous wins in advanced (S) classes.

GRASCO has not produced many off-spring yet, however these few have already quiete some attention. Many of his off-spring are successful in international show jumping (e.g. Grasco's Gracioso/Bernd Schulze Tophoff; Johnny Blunt/Denis Lynch) and dressage competitions (Elysee/Ellen Bontje). GRASCO received a breeding value of 123 in the FN rankings.
GRASCO is full brother to Sandro Boy / Marcus Ehning.