Shen Val Westphalians
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Our Horses
Good sporthorses with a great work ethic, a healthy physique, and a terrific character don't happen by accident.

Our Westphalian breeding program is based on carefully selecting broodmares who have been all German imported Gold-premium or State-premium mares and now we breed with their offsprings.

With the eye of an experienced German Warmblood breeder, our veterinary background, and excellent connections to the Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf as well as other Stallion Stations, we are not only able to present you with top German Warmbloods of high potential that we are breeding here in Jackson, SC - we are also able to help YOU breed them.

Our connection to the Westphalian State Stud in Warendorf, Germany and other European Studs allows us to import deep frozen semen from selected Warmblood sires and use these for our mares as well as offering this semen to interested Warmblood breeders here in the USA.


Not only a carefully selected mare but also the fitting sire for each mare is decisive for a continuing improvement of the breeding.

We raise our horses in the beautiful Aiken Horse County in South Carolina, lots of love goes into our breeding and the best of medical care let the youngsters mature into a great partner for pleasure and for the big arena.

Let us help you find your dream horse for your future.

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